Festival Committee

Be part of making Festival history

The Gasparilla Festival of the Arts annual event couldn’t take place without the year-round support of dedicated volunteers. Festival committee members enjoy benefits year-round, including invitations to gatherings and celebrations, professional networking and camaraderie.

If you’re interested in participating on the Festival committee or have questions about what committee involvement entails, please contact one of this year’s Festival Chairs at info@gasparillaarts.com, or click the button below to complete a form below to indicate your interest in a volunteering on a specific committee:


The three Festival Co-Chairs shall coordinate all aspects of the Festival, will assist the Board in choosing committee chairs and its members, and will train and supervise everyone. A detailed job description is given to the Co-Chairs upon assignment of this position.

Festival Committees

Art Collectors in Training:

Two chairpersons, with volunteer support as needed, for securing artwork donations from Festival artists, staff booth on Saturday and Sunday, coordinate donation of proceeds as necessary, set- up/clean-up. Promote tent/program through website/marketing committee, distribution of program booklet, etc.

Artist Hospitality: Two chairpersons, with volunteer support as needed, ensure a welcoming and comfortable environment for artists, will solicit for food/beverages for Saturday/Sunday breakfasts, lunches and snacks, coordinate set-up/clean-up. Solicit items for artist giveaway, coordinate booth sitters and volunteers to staff hospitality tent. Circulate the Festival to serve/identify artist’s needs, answer questions of general nature about Festival, etc.

Artist Party: Two chairpersons plus volunteers for Saturday night  informal  event  (separate  from galaRE), secure light foods, include vegetarian items, secure beverages (soft drinks, beer/wine), entertainment (optional), tables, chairs, lights (coordinate with site amenities and FOTM), coordinate set-up/clean-up, and must work within approved budget.

Artist Packet: Two chairpersons who will update the artist packet, compile/prepare letter, coordinate information, secure envelopes with labels and email packet to all artists in January. Artist credentials and vehicle hang tags are prepared prior to artist load-in.

Artist Check-In/Load-In: Two chairpersons and volunteers for Thursday and Friday check-in, assemble and include in packet Festival information, assignment, location, event map, parking arrangements, answer questions related to Festival and provide directions to other bay area points of interest.

Artist Load-Out: Two chairpersons and volunteers for Sunday artist load-out, assemble and include in packet information about process, answer questions related to load-out process.

Children’s Activities: One chairperson and members, with volunteer support, to staff activities on Saturday and Sunday, create activities and secure donated and/or purchase supplies, coordination of contract staff/artists for demonstrations, secure/supervise volunteers, set-up/ clean-up. Promote tent/program through website/marketing committee, distribution of program booklet.

Concessions: Two Chairpersons and members with volunteers as needed, for screening and scheduling food vendors.  Also coordinates with beer, wine, Ice and soda vendors for beverage outlets. Organize and schedule load in and load out for vendors.  Accept deliveries of inventory at the site prior to festival.  Triage organize deliveries in storage area.  Distribute inventory prior, during and post festival.  Escort Volunteers to assigned outlets each shift.  Maintain contact and communication with vendors and volunteers.

Emerging Artist Program: Two chairpersons and members, with volunteer support, to solicit local emerging artists, contact local universities/art departments/art councils. Guide applicants through the application process, Festival weekend, and load-in and load-out process. Coordinate event, notify applicants accepted/rejected, coordinate with Information Packet committee and coordinate area with site planning and amenities, set-up area for EA check-in Friday, hostess/host area Saturday and Sunday.

Entertainment: One chairperson and members to work within budget to arrange for entertainment. Listen to Committee/Board requests for entertainment, search for interesting bands/acts and suggest talent. Develop a separate “interactive entertainment” component that will perform throughout the festival site. Hire talent for Festival, assist with talent for Hospitality informal event (optional), and assist with talent for gala event (galaRE) if requested by the Board. Arrange for sound company and coordinate with site amenities for location, equipment needs, and supervise during Festival. Send contracts, parking passes, map, etc. to hired talent.

Events & VIP Experience: One chairperson and members to assist the Board with planning and coordinating events throughout the festival season and weekend, to include the Preview Party, galaRE:, and VIP Experience.

Festival Liaison & Documentation: One chairperson and members to support various committee members and assist with their tasks before, during and after the Festival. Secure storage area/working space/command post for committees to prepare and house specific items. Coordinate dates and times of needed space. Oversee the Festival’s Intranet website, identifying, revising, coordinating, and archiving as necessary the Festival’s significant operational and corporate documents and will coordinate these activities with the Board, Festival Committee Co-Chairs, and Festival Liaison & Documentation Chair of the Festival Committee. This committee will also maintain a comprehensive, annual calendar of events and tasks to be performed by the Board of Directors and the Festival Committee. Maintain festival handbook, take meeting minutes at committee meetings, maintain committee list, provide cell phone list.

Interactive Programming: One chairperson and members, with volunteer support, with direction from the Board, to oversee all things related to the planning, coordination, and operation of interactive programming throughout the festival site.

Marketing: One chairperson and members, with volunteer support, with direction from the Board, to oversee all things related to the planning, coordination, and operation of interactive programming throughout the festival site.

Merchandising (Posters/T-Shirts Production & Sales): One chairperson and members to work with the Board of Directors to choose the annual Festival image for merchandise (t-shirts and posters), secure printing quotes for t-shirt only (Raymond James designs and produces poster), establish delivery dates, monitor progress, coordinate t-shirt production for sales, and deliver poster to Board/committee for promotional purposes. Distribute t-shirts to board, committee members and other VIPs, organize folding of t-shirts prior to Festival. During the Festival, with volunteer support, to work the merchandising booth. Monitor post-event sales, devise merchandise plan with production chair, secure storage, handle money and monitor sales, after event prepare inventory and coordinate storage of leftover merchandise.

Parking/Traffic/Security: ​One chairperson and members, with volunteer support, to contract a security firm/TPD to provide nighttime coverage from Thursday 10pm to Sunday 9am, negotiate to secure artist parking/check-in, coordinate shuttles to/from local garages, obtain a ride-sharing promotional code, and identify alternate modes of transportation opportunities. Coordinate and direct traffic and security during Festival, attend meetings with city as needed..

Programming:One chairperson and members to develop quarterly programming, with direction from the Board of Directors, to help GFA maintain a year-round presence with supporters and to provide an added benefit for existing and potential sponsors. This programming is intended to be art-related and could consist of lectures, artist demonstrations, studio tours, gallery tours, etc. The committee will develop a quarterly calendar, coordinate the programming content, and organize and produce the events.

Signage: Two co-chairpersons and members, with volunteer support, to place check-in signage on Wednesday evening/Thursday morning and Festival signage Friday evening/Saturday morning, inventory and photograph existing signage, salvage/dispose damaged and out-of-date signs, submit and set deadline for submission of each committee’s needs, coordinate production of new/replacement signage, update banners with current dates, coordinate placement of banners in early February, coordinate placement of signage for off-site check-in, directional signage to Festival from off-site check-in, removal and storage of signage and banners on Sunday. Coordinate with the Board of Directors with respect to sponsorship to get logos, banners and other materials properly placed.

Site Amenities:Two chairpersons and members, with volunteer support as needed on set-up/breakdown days, to coordinate requests with all committees and solicit bids for booths,  tents, port-o-lets, tables, chairs, radios, golf carts and other equipment needs, be on site Wednesday through Friday prior to Festival weekend for set-up for these items including radios and carts, bring supplies from storage unit, implement requirements per site planning design, coordinate needs for electricity, water, etc. with city, secure on-site storage, be onsite during Festival and coordinate breakdown.

Site Planning: Two chairpersons and members, with volunteer support, to handle booth layout on Wednesday afternoon and perform other duties as needed, develop site implementing changes/suggestions from previous year, prepare site plan to secure city permits, coordinate activity locations with committees and vendors, prepare site plan indicating artist’s booth assignments, assist Co-Chairs to assign artists to booths, coordinate production of site plan for program, coordinate production and installation of large site plans at Information booth locations, be on site Wednesday through Monday morning to handle potential problems/relocation requests.

Sustainability: One chairperson and members to assist with being a “greener” festival. To include: identifying opportunities to be more sustainable, researching best practices, coordinating with vendors and other committees, and on-site assistance during the festival.

Treasurer: ​One person to maintain all funds and accounts used by the committees, assist with budgeting process between Co-Chairs and Board of Directors, handle Festival payments/reimbursement, and work with Board Treasurer to provide for an accurate accounting of all Festival funds.

Volunteer Coordination (Raymond James Financial): One chairperson and members, with volunteer support, to recruit and coordinate volunteer support as  requested  by  committees,  advise merchandising regarding the number of t-shirts/posters needed for volunteers, coordinate support  at  the Information booths and programs at the Festival.

50th Annual Festival Support: One chairperson and members to develop programming, with direction from the Board of Directors, with respect to the 50th Annual Festival. The Board of Directors will develop strategies for the 50th Annual Festival programming, and this committee will support the Board to coordinate, organize, and produce the programming. This will include programming designed to promote the 50th Annual Festival.