Board of Directors

    John Scheffel, President
    "My involvement with GFA has impacted me on many levels. The more I experience this amazing organization, the deeper my bond becomes. I am honored to be a part of a wonderful, all volunteer organization and cherish the relationships I am building with volunteers, artists, and our partners."
  • Todd Edwards, Vice President
    Henry Plant Museum
    I am honoured to be a part of the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts. Having art accessible for everyone is so important for the community. Embracing local and national artists, continuing to build what the founders of GFA started 50 years ago is truly a privilege.
    Jamie Jenkins, Secretary
    Price Waterhouse Coopers
    “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together” - Vincent Van Gogh Each of our volunteers help make an impact in the lives of artists, emerging artists, and our community. I'm honored to be a part of the GFA family.”
    Laura Cacioppo, Treasurer
    Grant Thornton LLP
    Andy George, Immediate Past President
    Publix Super Markets
    "It is a pleasure to serve such an amazing organization. The Gasparilla Festival of the Arts succeeds because of the tireless efforts of our all-volunteer team and the generosity and support of our sponsors, collaborators, and community partners. The reward for me is the knowledge that our efforts help sustain, and sometimes launch, the careers of professional artists while providing the Tampa Bay community with one of the nation’s premier fine arts events."
  • Ashly Anderson
    “Gasparilla Festival of the Arts is a timeless Tampa tradition organized by people with heart and creative spirit. Over the past 10 years, I have served at every level of the organization - from volunteer to Co-chair, Executive Committee, and President. I am thrilled to serve again on the Board of Directors to help celebrate this monumental 50th anniversary milestone. Thank you to our artists, volunteers, leaders, and community partners for their time and hard work for half a century!”
    Katrina Daniel
    MediaLab 3D Solutions
    "The 'earth' without 'art' is just 'eh'."
  • Shaun Drinkard
    “Gasparilla Festival of the Arts has found its way into my personal and professional life over the past 12+ years. On a daily basis I find myself reflecting on friendships and experiences that have resulted from my time with this incredible organization. Even more rewarding is the impact this organization has had on so many within its 49-year history.”
  • Patt Fosnaught
    “I’m honored to join the voting Board of the GFA once again to lend my assistance to all involved as we move into our 50th year and beyond. I’ve been involved with the Festival for many years going back to when producing the children’s activities was one of my responsibilities at the Tampa Museum of Art, and I later served as Emerging Artists Chair, then Co-chair in 2004. It’s my passion as a long-time art educator to share my love and appreciation of art with everyone, and all the terrific people who come together to make this such a wonderful community asset are a joy to work with!”
  • Ann Leavengood Giles
    Ann has been a Board Member since 1994, and served as Treasurer in 2015-2016.
    Christina Klapper-Gonzalez
    “I am honored to join the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts during this milestone year. The opportunity to contribute to this incredible festival and collaborate with an exceptional group of artists, professionals, and volunteers sharing a passion for the arts and community is as gratifying as it is humbling.”
  • Tiffanie Jansen
    “There is something incredibly rewarding about making a space in this world for others to shine and GFA, along with the volunteers who run it, do that like no other. I feel very lucky to work along side a team of outstanding human beings to help create a festival that celebrates the best parts of this world; creativity, passion, and love.”

Board of Directors


President: John Scheffel

Vice President: Todd Edwards

Secretary: Jamie Jenkins

Treasurer: Laura Cacioppo


Ashly Anderson

Laura Cacioppo

Katrina Daniel

Shaun Drinkard

Todd Edwards

Patricia S. Fosnaught

Andy George

Ann Leavengood Giles

Christina Klapper-Gonzalez

Tiffanie Jansen

Jamie Jenkins

Jennifer R. Malin

Mishou Sanchez

John Scheffel

Michelle Szekeres

Emily Shrider

Sandra Sroka

Ben Videtto

Ex-Officio Members

Mayor Jane Castor

Andy Maass

Debra Souza

Festival Co-Chairs

Erin Konley

Jennifer Kozlovsky

Tommy McDonnell

Advisory Members

Jane Pope Arnett

Ken Blair

Trish Burnett

Lisa Carver

Jack A. Cohen

John Corso

Suzanne Camp Crosby

Leslie Curran

Bobbie Donaldson

Tim Garding

Carol Gaynor

Mitzi Gordon

Brenda Gregory

Zoe Gustafson

Brandon Hicks

Katrina Holderby

Elizabeth Klein

Jennifer McKie

Amy Neumann

Jodie Orozco

Jennifer Painter

Adam Raschke

Meaghan Farrell Scalise

Sheila Seig

Allison Shamblin

Michael Silver

Mark Stenson

Ann-Eliza Taylor

Dianne Triplett

James Vasiloff

Scott Waltz

Cate Wells