5thAve2, 3/30/11, 1:10 PM, 8C, 8628x9924 (204+1056), 150%, Custom, 1/20 s, R95.9, G46.3, B63.7

“Fifth Avenue” by Jeannie Maddox

Jeannie Maddox created her first swimmer painting in 1977 and has since become well known for her style and subject matter, with pieces displayed across the United States and six foreign countries. In 1981, the president of Macy’s department store commissioned her signature swimmer paintings for their flagship store. Because of this connection, Maddox started photographing New York City window displays to use as subject material for her new “Urban Series”. “Fifth Avenue” shows the refraction of the mannequin behind glass and the reflections of things on the street such as the yellow cab and Christmas trees. Jeannie was first drawn to this window because of the use of the shavings of aspen tree curls for the mannequin’s hair. Jeannie’s two main collections, “Swimmers” and “Urban Series” have the common thread of refraction of the body underwater and the refraction and reflection of store windows.

Jeannie Maddox received a BA degree in art from William Jewell College in 1968. In 1982, she received the Achievement Day Award for Alumni as the first alumni honored in the field of art. She has been showing her work since 1971 and has received over 250 awards, including awards at the Raymond James Gasparilla Festival of the Arts.